Mid Continent Unimog

*Unimog is a Trademark of Mercedes Benz



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What is a Unimog?

Unimogs are extremely versatile vehicles designed by Mercedes-Benz in 1946 to do the work of trucks, tractors, and a multitude of other workhorses of the auto industry wrapped into one package.  The first model (U 25) was designed to serve as both a tractor for working the field and harvesting and a truck to carry the produce to market. 

Unimogs serve as municipal vehicles, ambulances, snow plows, fire trucks, logging trucks, and a multitude of other vehicles in areas where no other vehicle could function.  Since the first model, Unimogs have maintained their diverse applications complete with tractor type PTO, factory hydraulics, and seven tool and body mounting areas

Unimogs currently range from 4.5 to 12.5 ton ratings.